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Group MD addresses MJ Future Forum

June 2014

Norse Group Managing Director Mike Britch outlined the Norse business model for working with local authorities, at a workshop held as part of the publishers’ ‘Future Forum’ event. In addition to discussing what distinguishes a ‘partnership’ from traditional contractual relationships, the workshop looked at the key elements necessary in making a partnership profitable: shared objectives, valuing the contributions made by both parties, and understanding and recognising what ‘success’ would look like. Mike outlined how Norse had developed from its origins as an in-house trading arm, to a wholly owned company that has grown from a £47 million turnover group to one generating for than £250 million, in the last 12 years. Mike was joined by Norfolk County Council acting Managing Director Anne Gibson, who is also chairwoman of Norse Group, and who highlighted the value that the Group has added to service transformation and the development of a beneficial, more business-like culture at the Council. Both concluded that the value of flexible partnerships is clearly demonstrated by Norse Group’s response to adverse market conditions and economic severity over the last few years by creating new opportunities, and developing innovative approaches to problem solving. The ‘key prize’ workshop was told was the successful combination of public service ethos with commercial and entrepreneurial skills.