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Norse director at EU Commission biomethane fuel viability presentation

March 2014

As part of the company’s commitment to the Biomaster Project, Norse Commercial Services’ Commercial Director recently joined a delegation which presented its findings to the European Union Commission representative, Emilio Font de Mora. The final meeting of the three-year, EU-funded consortium, made up of interested groups from Italy, Poland, Sweden and the UK, presented its evaluation of the potential production and distribution of biomethane from bio-waste, and its use as a biofuel for vehicles. “At Norse we are committed to environmental sustainability and best practice in all areas of our business,” Paul Bonham commented. “As a company with significant transport operations, the potential importance of ultra-low carbon biofuels is very much on our minds, and we saw our involvement in the Biomaster project as helping to shape European renewable energies strategies for the future.” “There are still significant barriers to the wide-spread use of biomethane for transport,” Bonham says, “not just because of the limited availability of biogas powered vehicles, but also in the infrastructure for gas supply and distribution.” However, together with the participating regions in other partner countries, he believes there will be a gradual expansion of transport’s use of the product through lobbying to remove non-technology barriers and by mobilising action for uptake. “In order to demonstrate the benefits of biomethane in transport, and its importance to environmental sustainability, it is vital that the information that we gathered in each country is shared more broadly throughout Europe. This presentation to the EU Commission representative was an important part of increasing that awareness,” Bonham concluded.