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Norse forward orders top
£2 billion

April 2014

Facilities management and contract services group Norse Commercial Services now has over £2 billion of business on its books.

“Our forward order book, the total value of revenue over the life of our current contracts and partnerships, shows just how strong and successful Norse is,” commented Norse Sales Director Geoff Tucker.

“In the last 12 months, we’ve won contracts worth £24 million, with a forward order value of £200 million. These, together with our longstanding joint ventures and contract renewals, mean we now have over £2 billion of guaranteed business over the next decade,” he added.

Although its head office and roots are in Norfolk, Norse is enjoying major successes in winning work nationally, including a number of multi-million pound partnerships with local authorities across the UK that are in place for up to 15 years.

The company also has an impressive portfolio of contractual clients won under competitive tendering, including waste management at Hutchison Ports UK, facilities management at Norfolk & Norwich University Trust, schools cleaning in Kent, Sheffield and North London, and civic buildings cleaning in East Dorset.

Managing Director Peter Hawes says the continued growth of Norse, and its subsidiary companies, has a positive impact nationwide:

“Our sustainable growth, innovative agreements with our commercial partners, and our strengths in financial management and staff training and development, mean that Norse is one of the UK’s most successful facilities management companies. With our sourcing policy making a significant contribution to the regional supply chains, and our commitment to skills development, including apprenticeship schemes, generating quality employment, we play an important role in all the local economies and communities where we operate. ”

“This latest proof of Norse’s success brings service stability for our clients and security for our 8,300 workforce. Norse is not only a significant employer, but also one of the most secure for the coming decade. This is very good news for the UK employment market.”